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Title 24 Acceptance Testing

As of July first, 2014, the California Energy Commission executed a few alterations to the California Building Efficiency Standards (Title 24, Parts 1 and 6). These corrections necessitate that lighting controls and gadgets should be tried, demonstrated, and fittingly affirmed as appropriately introduced and functional before inhabitance grants can be given to any structure, particularly modern and business. This essentially implies that the lighting control gadgets must be demonstrated as functional before individuals can really live (or work, by and large) in any structure.

The organization entrusted with the obligation of embracing, carrying out and refreshing the energy proficiency of the numerous structures in the province of California is the California Energy Commission. In any case, neighborhood city and area authorization offices have additionally been given the express position to guarantee that structures (just as their proprietors and inhabitants) are in full consistence with the different construction regulations that are pertinent to them, including those which are connected with the productivity of energy.

Do I Need Lighting Acceptance Testing?

Due to the changes made in the California Energy Standards, it is mandatory for you to get lighting acceptance before anyone can occupy your building. This means you’ll be needing it immediately after the construction and equipping of your building.

Nation Electric & Construction Inc is Title 24 Compliant and offer full-service Title 24 Acceptance Testing. call us today for any of your Title 24 Acceptance Testing.

CALCTP Certified

 “The California Advanced Lighting Controls Training Program (CALCTP) is a California initiative for the use of lighting controls in commercial buildings and industrial facilities through education.”

     Acceptance testing is a phenomenon that has actually been around since 2005. However, studies and stakeholder comments have pointed to the fact that commercial title 24 acceptance testing procedures that usually occur on the field are currently inadequate. The CEC determined that due to the inconsistent levels of training, field technicians as a whole are not carrying out their duties and ensuring that installed systems in buildings are delivering far less than the energy efficiencies and monetary savings that are expected by building owners.   As of July 1, 2014, the CEC requires that acceptance testing is conducted by certified field technicians employed by certified employees. Certification is achieved through comprehensive training provided by the certified ATTCP provider. Any employer that is not certified to perform acceptance testing now must arrange for an outside acceptance tester to certify their lighting controls work.

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Title 24 Compliant
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